Major Arcana: 20 Judgment

Most people see the Judgment card and think about what they’ll say at the gates of heaven.  Judgment is the second to last card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana, and it is a card of completion.

The Judgment card is about what happens inside each of us when we finish a project or complete a circle.  It’s less about external forms of judgment, what other people think, than it is about what we think of ourselves.

Like the Fool and his journey through the Major Arcana, we too are on journeys, and the cards we draw reflect how far we have, or haven’t, come.

Sometimes the Judgment card is depicted with a trumpeting angel, sometimes as a woman bursting from a fiery pit.  In most Tarot decks, Judgment is drawn with lots of oranges and yellows, reminding us that it is an active card: us judging ourselves, not someone judging us from the outside.

If you draw this card, think about what cycles or adventures you’ve just completed in your life.  Take stock of your experiences, and think about what you’ve taken from them.

How did you grow and what did you accomplish on your journey?  Did you learn things about yourself that make you happy with who you are, or is there room for improvement?

Image from The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

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