Tarot Suits: Cups

The Suit of Cups is often thought to be derived from the playing card suit of Hearts.  In Tarot, traditional decks and those based on Rider-Waite imagery often use Cups and Chalices interchangeably.  In art and other non-traditional decks, the suit of Cups can be called anything from Bowls to Urns, Vessels or Hearts.  I’ve even seen the Cups suit called Blossoms in some Tarot decks.

All the different suit names work though, because they all speak to the basic associations of the Cups suit.

The Suit of Cups almost always deals with emotion and concerns of the heart and spirit.  Cups are linked to the element of water, and the season of summer, although some decks use spring.

While Cups cards deal with all emotions, in readings they often deal with the love life, probably because romance and relationships are common concerns dealt with in Tarot readings.  Emotions don’t only occur in connection to love, though.  We have emotions about every aspect of our lives, from our careers to our families to our possessions.

Don’t let the association of love and relationships limit how you read Cups cards.  Fear, sadness, joy, hope, anxiety and every other emotion in the human spectrum live within the Cups suit, and shouldn’t be ignored as possible meanings for a Cup card.

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