Tarot Reversals

When a reversed Tarot card comes up in a reading, everyone seems to have a different opinion of how, and if, they should be read.  Some people see reversed cards as bad luck, and some refuse to read reversed Tarot cards at all.

Whether or not I read a Tarot card reversed in a reading depends upon how the person shuffled the deck.  If the person shuffled hand-over-hand and I know the cards began upright, I will read reversed.  If a person shuffles each half of the Tarot pack into each other, as with a regular deck of playing cards, I turn the reversed card right side up.

As for reversed card interpretations, that varies as well.    Some Tarot readers interpret the meaning of a reversed card as the direct opposite of its inverse meaning.  I think with 78 cards in the Tarot deck, the opposite meaning is likely somewhere else in the deck, and so I do not read this way.

A reversed Tarot card, to me, means the same as the upright card, just to a lesser degree.  For example, if a reversed Empress were drawn, I’d read that as lesser prosperity, or not gaining as much from a project as you’d hoped, while still gaining something from it.

I would read a reversed Tower card as small changes rather than huge upheavals, and a reversed Death card as breaking bad habits rather than a larger change in your way of life.

But every reader, and every reading, is different.  I’ve been known to right a reversed card in a reading if it seems more appropriate, or if its state of being reversed upsets the person for whom I’m reading.

Whether to read a Tarot card reversed is a matter of judgment on the part of the Tarot reader, as well as how to interpret its meaning.  If you’re not sure how to proceed, do a few test readings, using the same one card upright them reversed, and let your intuition guide you.

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