The Suit of Wands is believed to come to the Tarot from the playing card suit of Clubs.  In some decks, Wands are alternately called staves, clubs, rods, staffs, and even batons, but they all carry the same origin and meanings.

Some Tarot decks illustrate Wands as being connected with fire, and some with the element air.  I’m going with fire in this article.  Wands are also linked with the season of spring, though sometimes summer.  I prefer spring.

Wands are the passionate, energetic suit; the suit of missions to be accomplished and goals that become the driving forces of our lives.  This is the suit that embodies the ideas of vigor and renewed growth, as well as passion and creativity.  If nothing else, Wands are active.

Often Wands are drawn with elements of fire in the artwork, and that relates back to the passion of this suit.  But another important thing to remember about fire is that it moves.  Fire is always in motion, moving from one area to the next, spending its energy as fast as it can.

In readings, Wands come up in connection with a person’s life’s work, their career goals, or the values and ideas a person is willing to fight for with determination.  Wands cards give people direction and advice concerning the work they spend their lives doing.

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