Major Arcana: 21 The World

And with the World card, we come to the end of the journey through the Tarot’s Major Arcana.  If you’ve not thought of the Trumps this way before, think about this: each card represents a major and important element of human experience.

The first twenty-one cards of the Tarot take us though periods of learning and […]

Major Arcana: 20 Judgment

Most people see the Judgment card and think about what they’ll say at the gates of heaven.  Judgment is the second to last card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana, and it is a card of completion.

The Judgment card is about what happens inside each of us when we finish a project or complete a circle.  […]

Major Arcana: 13 Death

At Major Arcana Tarot card number 13, the Death card, we’re definitely getting into heavier stuff.  In readings, when people draw this card, they visibly react.  Some people suck their breath in, other sit straighter in their chairs, and almost everyone starts to avoid eye contact.

They’re scared, but they shouldn’t be.  Death sounds bad, but […]

Major Arcana: 12 The Hanged Man

In most Tarot decks, the Hanged Man is actually hanging by a foot, rather than being hanged by the neck.  In some darker decks, you see the latter, but I think the former is more apt.

The Hanged Man isn’t about death or a man being hanged.  It’s about stasis.  It’s about being stuck, and how […]

Major Arcana: 11 Justice

The further into the Major Arcana cards you get, the more you get into abstract concepts rather than personality and person centered cards.

Sometimes the Major Arcana are called Trumps, based on an old concept of Triumphs and parades, which I’ll get to later, but understand that each Major or Trump Tarot card, well, trumps the […]

Major Arcana: 1 The Magician

Card two in the Major Arcana is The Magician.  It sounds like he’s a powerful guy with all sorts of tricks up his sleeve, doesn’t it?  Really, he’s not all that, not yet.

He has all the tools he needs for mastering the art of magic laid around him–everything from wands, swords, cups and pentacles to […]

Major Arcana: 0 The Fool

The Fool is card zero in the Tarot and the first of the Major Arcana cards.  It all starts here, with one person on a journey.

The Fool is a young person, carefree and not very careful.  In most Tarot decks, The Fool is male.  He’s got a bag slung over his shoulder, a dog at […]

Major Arcana: 2 The High Priestess

So many people love this card, and it’s easy to understand why–often Tarot readers are women, and this is the card of female knowledge.

The High Priestess sits, sometimes on a bench, sometimes on a pedestal, looking out serenely with her robes flowing gracefully down below her.  She’s a young woman, peaceful and confident.

She knows who […]

Major Arcana: 3 The Empress

The Empress is a card of creative energy.  In most decks, she’s shown in a fertile green meadow and often is visibly pregnant.  She’s a positive force in the Tarot deck and is often drawn when success is coming soon for the questioner.

The Empress is the mother in all of us, the part of us […]

Major Arcana: 4 The Emperor

Most little white books call this card the father card, the typical authority figure.  While that is often true, there’s a lot more to the Emperor than that.

He’s usually depicted seated on a regal throne, with mountains, skyscrapers or vast castles rising behind him.  The Emperor appears stern and still, unmovable.  And that’s about right […]