Merry Day Tarot

I’ve owned the Merry Day deck for years, but honestly, I’ve never been able to read with it.  I think it’s because the imagery is so varied and there’s so much detail packed into each card’s drawing.  But so many people love the Merry Day Tarot that I’m sure I’m in the minority.

Above all else, […]

Favorite Tarot Decks

Most people, once they learn to use the Tarot, end up with lots of Tarot decks.  And like most people, I learned to read cards using a deck with more traditional symbolism and imagery–actually, I learned with two decks.  The Renaissance Tarot and one of my still favorites, the Robin Wood Tarot.  I’ve long since […]

Layouts: The Celtic Cross Spread

The Classic Celtic Cross Spread

This is the spread recommended in the little white books that come with most Tarot decks.  It’s easy to learn, but it provides quite a lot of information.  The Celtic Cross is best used for a general reading into a situation rather than for specific questions.

You’ll want to lay one card […]

Major Arcana: 0 The Fool

The Fool is card zero in the Tarot and the first of the Major Arcana cards.  It all starts here, with one person on a journey.

The Fool is a young person, carefree and not very careful.  In most Tarot decks, The Fool is male.  He’s got a bag slung over his shoulder, a dog at […]

Major Arcana: 3 The Empress

The Empress is a card of creative energy.  In most decks, she’s shown in a fertile green meadow and often is visibly pregnant.  She’s a positive force in the Tarot deck and is often drawn when success is coming soon for the questioner.

The Empress is the mother in all of us, the part of us […]

Major Arcana: 4 The Emperor

Most little white books call this card the father card, the typical authority figure.  While that is often true, there’s a lot more to the Emperor than that.

He’s usually depicted seated on a regal throne, with mountains, skyscrapers or vast castles rising behind him.  The Emperor appears stern and still, unmovable.  And that’s about right […]

Major Arcana: 7 The Chariot

Just like the previous Major Arcana (sometimes called a Trump) card, the Lovers, the Chariot is also about choices.

The difference is that in the Lovers, the choice is personal and internal.  In the Chariot, the choices being faced are much more external and active.

In most Tarot decks, the Chariot features a male angelic-looking driver, being […]

Major Arcana: 8 Strength

In nearly every Tarot deck, the Strength card depicts a beautiful woman taming a wild beast.  Often, it’s a lion, and she’s holding his jaws, controlling the beast.  One of my favorite images of this card is from the Dark Grimoire Tarot, where a woman faces a massive Lovecraftian beast, calmly holding her palm up, […]

Major Arcana: 9 The Hermit

The Hermit has always been one of my favorite Major Arcana cards.  Maybe it’s because the Tarot card is usually rendered in dark blues and purples, maybe it’s the image of that lantern, serving as a beacon for the rest of us, shining down from such a removed distance from the world.

Whatever else the Hermit […]

Major Arcana: 10 The Wheel of Fortune

Ah, destiny.  This card is kind of an anti-Tarot card for me–the whole point of Tarot readings is to gain understanding, yet this card is about motion, but also, undefined motion.

The Wheel of Fortune card is kind of like walking around in the dark, fumbling at the walls for a light switch.  See why it’s […]