Merry Day Tarot

I’ve owned the Merry Day deck for years, but honestly, I’ve never been able to read with it.  I think it’s because the imagery is so varied and there’s so much detail packed into each card’s drawing.  But so many people love the Merry Day Tarot that I’m sure I’m in the minority.

Above all else, […]

Layouts: The Celtic Cross Spread

The Classic Celtic Cross Spread

This is the spread recommended in the little white books that come with most Tarot decks.  It’s easy to learn, but it provides quite a lot of information.  The Celtic Cross is best used for a general reading into a situation rather than for specific questions.

You’ll want to lay one card […]

Major Arcana: 3 The Empress

The Empress is a card of creative energy.  In most decks, she’s shown in a fertile green meadow and often is visibly pregnant.  She’s a positive force in the Tarot deck and is often drawn when success is coming soon for the questioner.

The Empress is the mother in all of us, the part of us […]

Major Arcana: 10 The Wheel of Fortune

Ah, destiny.  This card is kind of an anti-Tarot card for me–the whole point of Tarot readings is to gain understanding, yet this card is about motion, but also, undefined motion.

The Wheel of Fortune card is kind of like walking around in the dark, fumbling at the walls for a light switch.  See why it’s […]

Major Arcana: 14 Temperance

The Temperance card makes me smile every time I see it.  The shining white light in the background always brings hope to my mind.

In early decks, Temperance was pictured as a woman pouring water from an urn onto the earth, but contemporary tarot decks often show the Temperance figure as an angel, sometimes male, often […]

Major Arcana: 17 The Star

The Star is one of the few Tarot cards where one has a foot in each world: the seen, and the unseen.  This is a hopeful card, a card of hope, faith, and positive outcomes.  If there is a Tarot card that represents intuition, this is it.

The Star is also a card representing a person […]

Major Arcana: 19 The Sun

The Sun card, while you might think it stands for new beginnings, sunrise and all that, is a completion card.  It’s one of the hyper-positive cards in the Tarot, depicting a place where things are as good as they can get.

The Sun often shows a young boy riding a pale horse with sunflowers in the […]