Layouts: The 3 Card Spread

A three card spread is just what it sounds like, three cards laid down in a row.  This is a useful spread for asking straightforward questions, or just a general information reading.

A popular way to look at the three cards is one as past, one as present, one as future.  Or, to make decisions, the […]

Major Arcana: 10 The Wheel of Fortune

Ah, destiny.  This card is kind of an anti-Tarot card for me–the whole point of Tarot readings is to gain understanding, yet this card is about motion, but also, undefined motion.

The Wheel of Fortune card is kind of like walking around in the dark, fumbling at the walls for a light switch.  See why it’s […]

Major Arcana: 16 The Tower

At card sixteen of the Tarot Trumps, we’re still in the realm of active and monumental concepts.  The Tower is one of the most active Tarot cards of all.

Just look at it: dark, thundery skies and lightning bolts striking the Tower itself.  A man and a woman plummet in darkness toward the sea.  Not exactly […]

Major Arcana: 18 The Moon

The Moon card is closely aligned with the previous Tarot Trump, the Star, yet its meaning is much darker.

The Moon, while enchanting and lovely, is a warning card.

The path you’re on doesn’t lead where you think it does.  It could be you’re on this road because you believed someone you shouldn’t have, or it could […]