Pentacles Suit

The Suit of Pentacles is often thought to come to the Tarot from the playing card suit of Diamonds.  The Pentacle suit also sometimes goes by Pentagrams, Worlds, Coins, Disks, or Rainbows, depending on the Tarot Deck and the ideas of its artist.  By whatever name, the cards in this suit all carry the same associations.

Autumn is the season associated with Pentacles, and Earth is its element.  Most Tarot decks illustrate the Pentacle cards with a heavy influence on greens and browns.  The Pentacles, Coins, or Disks are often pictured as shiny and golden, which is a good clue about the themes within the cards of this suit.

The Suit of Pentacles deals with the physical world and all that’s within it.  From gardens and trees to homes and possessions, all things of the world can be found within the fourteen Pentacle cards.

Pentacles also speak to us about our goals in the physical world, our health, and how we view and care for our bodies, homes, and material possessions.  Often, Tarot cards in the Pentacle suit point to our work, and the goals related to our career ambitions.

If you draw a majority of Pentacle cards in a reading, you absolutely want to take a look at your outside world and you work.  If the question asked was one of timing, look to autumn.